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why CIS?

invest in your workspace.
invest in your people.


established in 1990.  We've had the opportunity to work with a wide range of local businesses in varying capacities.  We love our local business environment, and we're proud to be fortunate enough that we can provide exceptional product and service at an unparalleled value to our community.  


Not all commercial furniture products are created equal.  All of the manufacturers that we represent have been hand-selected based upon a strict standard of quality, functionality, warranty programs, and design.  We never carry products that don't last, don't perform, and don't represent our work the way we need them to.  We never sacrifice quality for lesser products that don't meet our customer's standards.  Our reputation is staked on the products we sell.


Setting up office furniture yourself is hassle.  We never charge for this service on any project, and we know our products inside and out so well that we can ensure a timely and quality installation of your investment every time.  We never source third-party installation or moving companies simply because we want to make sure it is done right, and that our customers are thrilled with the finished product.  


We've worked very hard to create a business structure that keeps us lean, with a low cost of operation, so that we can offer industry-leading products at a significantly lower price point than our competition.  We never charge for design, shipping, or installation.  This way our customers can get extremely high quality products at an extreme value.

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